Scars! We all have them. May 1, 2015

(The following is an excerpt from my book, ALPHA PREDATOR)

   Does your life bear any scars from attacks by Satan, the Alpha Predator, as you have engaged in spiritual battle with him?  Are you now ashamed of those scars or do you see them as monuments to God’s grace – monuments to His working and intervention in your life?  Amazingly, the Lord has a way of turning our spiritual maulings into monuments of His glory.

 The reason some people never recover from an attack by the Alpha Predator is because they are dominated with shame associated with the scars of that attack.  When you are not victorious in your battle with life’s ultimate adversary, it is extremely important that you reject the shame of the scars of your defeat and surrender those scars as platforms for monuments to the grace of God.  

 Please hear me.  Be sure you understand what I am saying.  Sin is shameful.  We should be ashamed of our sin, but not perpetually ashamed.  Once sin is genuinely confessed, forgiveness is granted, and grace is applied, the scars of our lives become platforms on which we build monuments to God’s grace. If you have dealt truthfully with your sin before God by honest and open confession, if you have received His pardon and His grace is in full operation in your life, then don’t let the evil one destroy your joy by convincing you that you should live in perpetual shame.  

 God’s Word promises us in 1 Peter 5:10, “"Now the God of all grace . . . will personally restore, establish, strengthen, and support you after you have suffered a little.” Live in the freedom and hope of that perpetual promise! God’s grace Biblically applied even in the midst of our spiritual failure and shortcomings is sufficient reason for continual rejoicing through all eternity.